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During the research for to find a solution for your erectile dysfunction ED symptoms, you must have already seen how millions of men, after consultation with their medical professional, resort to using prescription ED medications. There are great number of over the counter ED medications and drugs that claim to be able to treat ED dysfunction overnight, however not all of them are that efficient.

You have to be careful and take your time researching all of the options, because some of these prescription ED medications could have very serious side-effects on your health. When faced with potentially severe negative side effects associated with the medical ED solution your doctor is offering, in many cases men turn to natural, home or herbal ED remedies.

Our recommendation would be do start implementing the overall lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking, introducing more exercise in your busy schedule and changing your diet. And then see if the things have changed or not. You can always consult your doctor and get a prescription for the ED medication he or she recommends. Medications for ED, even though they are advertised like that, will not create miracles.

The latest studies indicate that by taking the ED medication you might start to see positive results, but they will have to be matched with your specific condition exactly. If the causes of your ED happen to be coming from psychological issues, the medication for ED will tend to be less effective. However they are proving fairly successful in erectile dysfunction cases caused by other medications, age or disease.

What – I have to take ED medications to counteract other medications?

Well, in today’s world of thousands and thousands of pharmaceutical drugs and solutions out there, a lot of men find out that the prescribed medication for depression (antidepressants) or drugs that are given to treat high blood pressure symptoms (beta-blockers) very often cause the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

ED Medications - Natural Viagra Roadside

So the first thing to do, if you discover any of the ED symptoms, is to go through your medicine cabinet and check for any of these medications. If you start to connect the occurrence of ED with any of the drugs, even the over the counter ones, with taking them – go and see your doctor so that you can change them completely or adjust the dosage.

Most Prescribed ED Medications Today

Based on recent studies, the most prescribed medications for ED dysfunction today are the “heavy-hitters” of the pharmaceutical companies – Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil). These are the trademarked names used in USA and they all have different names and brands for use in other countries around the world. The main ingredient for each drug is always the same for that particular brand.

All of these medications, in the very basic terms, try to improve the flow of blood to the penis which in turn ensures longer lasting and firmer erections. For example, the description on how Viagra works on Wiki is something like this:

Viagra acts by inhibiting cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), an enzyme that promotes degradation of cGMP, which regulates blood flow in the penis.

ED Medications PackagingBecause of this, the list of possible and reported side-effects is quite extensive! For example, one of the more rare side effect might be a condition called Priapism. It manifests itself in prolonged erections that become very painful and can cause permanent destruction to the soft and sensitive tissue and cause permanent impotence. That’s why the small print on each ED medication packages indicates that if you experience an erection that lasts more than 4 hours – you should contact your doctor immediately.

For some men, that already suffer from problems related to heart health, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis or low blood pressure, it is definitely recommended to do more research and determine how the ED medication will affect their current health.

There is an increased risk of contraindications and overall stress to the body, and that’s why people with kidney or liver issues, as well as men over 60 years old should start with very low dosages of any of the ED medications.

Other ED Medication Types

Depending on the age, specific symptoms and sensitivity to the side effects we mentioned before, medical professionals may decide to offer you an alternative treatment. This solution is usually administered as a combination of multiple drugs and given together to treat the erectile dysfunction symptoms.

The treatment is always an injection of the same three medications into corpora cavernosa, but there were a few new combinations introduced lately. The injection of these types of ED medications causes an immediate erection.

Beat ED The Safe, Natural And Painless Way
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