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ED Remedies

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Are you searching for home made or natural ED remedies? In this article, we’ll focus on natural remedies for ED and herbal remedies for ED some of which have been around for long time. Some of these substances have a proven track record and some of them are not quite effective, according to recent studies.

In any case, if you are looking for ED remedies, in addition to the medications available today, you should definitely take time and find out as much as you can about alternative treatments like natural ED remedies for erection problems, including supplements, acupuncture, and more.

The current view in the medical community is that more serious erectile dysfunction symptoms should be immediately treated with one of the modern prescription ED remedies, out of which the “big three” are Viagra, Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil). On the other hand, less severe ED cases tend to respond much better when using the traditional natural or herbal ED remedies.

With either the allopathic, home, natural or herbal ED remedies you still have to be careful and do a thorough research. Although the most reported and most severe side-effects happen when people take the prescribed medications for ED, but the natural and herbal ED remedies can be dangerous too. So it is essential to review all of your options, consult with your doctor and with other professionals you are seeking help from. Let them all know what your plans are so that there are no surprises later.

Natural Remedies For ED

natural-cure-for-erectile-dysfunctionSince the beginning of time remedies such as acupuncture have been used by men in order to control ED symptoms or cure their impotence. There are various types of these natural remedies for ED and some of them are supplements and some of them are related to the overall lifestyle changes.

Home Remedies For ED

Alcohol – Make sure you reduce the number of alcoholic beverages and a good idea would be to drink a maximum of 2 per day – you must have heard the expression brewer’s droop! In small quantities, alcohol in the form of red wine can actually be good for your health.

Smoking – If you can, then stop smoking. There is now a lot of research done and there is a definite and direct link between impotence and smoking. As a general consequence of smoking, the arteries in the penis become more narrow with time and the erections are harder to form.

Stress – We all need to relax, but if you have any erectile dysfunction symptoms, this becomes even more important for you. Studies show that performance anxiety, or stress spilling over from your daily events kills the sexual drive very quickly. Learn a few relaxation techniques that work for you and by relaxing your body, you will automatically restore potency and improve love life just by increasing the blood flow to all parts – including the penis.

Diet – A healthy diet plan can be a very powerful home ED remedy. If you introduce just a few changes to when or what you eat, either at home or at work – will definitely affect and help with your ED symptoms. Start following the high-fiber and low-fat diet and you will gradually improve the blood flow to all parts of the body including the genital area.

Pomegranate Juice – This home remedy for ED, even though it doesn’t work exclusively on ED symptoms, is improving the general health of your body. Pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidants and it will help in lowering your blood pressure and greatly reducing the risk of heart disease problems.

Exercise – Following the same idea, any kind of exercise helps to increase oxygen flow and exchange in the blood. This obviously increases flow of blood to all areas of the body including the penis. Schedule regular workouts at home or at the gym and, as an added benefit, you’ll also improve overall energy levels and reduce body fat.

Natural ED Remedies

Acupuncture – the art and science of acupuncture has been around for a long time and used to heal many body ailments. It is only natural that some of the applications were to be used as ED treatment. Even though a lot of people vouch for great results they were able to achieve, the scientific world is still pretty skeptical. As anything else – do your research and try to see if acupuncture works for you.

Arginine – This is one of the amino acids that our body uses naturally. The proper name for it is “L-arginine” and it is an amino-acid that is available in various kinds of food. When introduced into our bodies, this substance ends up boosting nitric oxide production in organs. Nitric oxide is a pretty special compound that is responsible for dilating arterial blood vessels and that’s how it works as one of the viable ED remedies.

Testosterone – This hormone that occurs in our bodies naturally, is very important for maintaining natural libido and balanced sexual function. If you have been tested for low levels of testosterone in your body and you suffer from erectile dysfunction, then your doctor may prescribe you a regimen of testosterone replacement therapy.

Herbal Remedies For ED

ED Remedies - Chinese Herbal MarketSame as with the prescription medications, don’t leave this to chance and consult with a herbal specialist to find the natural or herbal ED remedy that will be the best match for your particular case. There are many herbal remedies for ED available, but we prepared a list of some of the more known and used ED remedies.

Yohimbine – This herbal remedy was prescribed before the modern pharmaceutical drugs for ED were introduced. It was modified for easy applications, but the healing properties of this herbal ED remedy were still preserved. However, the long term results of the few scientific studies on the subject of yohimbine weren’t that conclusive on the effectiveness of this herbal remedy.

Horny Goat Weed – All of the herbal remedies extracted from the horny goat weed family of plants contain a chemical substance called icariin. This compound is almost exactly the same as sildenafil which is the main substance that gives Viagra its power.

Ginkgo Biloba – You’ve probably heard of this herbal remedy but primarily for treating the issues with memory and Alzheimer’s disease. People started to use Gingko Biloba as protection or to restore cognitive features that were damaged by using certain antidepressant prescription medications. As with yohimba, the scientific world is not giving Ginko a lot of credit as one of more effective herbal remedies for ED.

Ginseng – There is a bit of confusion when discussing Ginseng as one of the home remedies for ED. If you are talking about ginseng, there are other completely different plant species like American, Siberian and Korean ginseng. Only the root of Korean ginseng used in its natural form as a supplement is the one you want. As part of thousands of years old Chinese medicine this home remedy for ED was used to also improve the overall body health.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few options available to manage different levels of erectile dysfunction. However before trying any of the natural supplements, home made types of remedies or prescription medications, make sure you do a careful research, consult with the expert in the field and don’t stop until you find the solution that will work for you.


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