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7 Most Effective Natural ED Remedies

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Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED), as described in very general terms, is the absence of getting and maintaining an erection required to have a natural and enjoyable sexual intercourse. I read more and more medical reports and statistics listing this problem as common occurrence especially for gentleman that are 50 years old and over.

If you have been diagnosed with the usual symptoms, then you must be aware of the number of prescription medications and drugs that are currently available on the market. A very few of these over-the-counter remedies could be helpful, that is unless you do not experience some standard side-effects that are now more common then ever before. And that’s exactly why a lot more men today turn towards natural ED remedies first.

7 Most Effective Natural ED Remedies

There are many known natural cures for ED, but before you start trying them out, there are other common sense things you can do yourself. As described by Gary Hatcher in this article,we can all begin making small changes and see how they affect the erectile dysfunction symptoms. Here are the 7 most effective natural ED remedies you can try and see if they work for you too.

1. Diet – making natural changes to your diet and lifestyle can go a long way towards helping with ED (erectile dysfunction). Limit your consumption of alcohol. If possible, eliminate it altogether. Stop smoking. Not only does it impair your sexual function and might bring on permanent ED symptoms, it damages your overall health. It restricts blood flow to the penis which makes it hard to get an erection. Avoid the use of recreational drugs.

Physical exercise can help with impotence and ED. It increases testosterone levels throughout the body along with increases blood-flow to the penis. Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation have been shown helpful in overcoming erectile problems. The added benefit to performing these activities is that it will improve other health issues in your life.

Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Add seeds, nuts and grains as part of your daily intake. Avoid spicy foods. Although, making these changes are great natural remedies for erectile dysfunction – ED, they all help to improve other health issues that you may have.

As we get older we develop some poor habits and do not take care of ourselves like we should. The key is to start making little changes. what you will find is that as you make these natural changes you will get more confidence and it will inspire you to make changes in all aspects of your life. It is hard to do and even harder to stay motivated to doing it all the time. Going for a daily walk can do wonders for changing your health.

However, there are some that do not want to put forth the effort and hard work it takes to improve one’s life. They would much rather take a pill. Here are some natural herbs that can be taken to help improve not only your sexual health but your overall heath as well. In addition to these, there are many products that have combinations of single herbs that are excellent choices for natural ED cures.

2. L-arginine – an amino acid that helps to form nitric oxide which increase blood-flow to the penis is considered one of the better natural ED cures. This increased blood circulation helps the penis become erect. Some sources for L-arginine are meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. If you have ulcers or liver disease, stay away from L-arginine and try one of the other recommended natural remedies.

3. Ginkgo is also helpful increasing blood flow to the penis. This medicinal herb has compounds in it that thin the blood, improves muscle tone and increase blood circulation. Ginkgo seems to work very well for those who experience impotence as a result of taking antidepressant drugs.

4. Ashwagandha also called “Indian Ginseng” increases your energy level, boosts stamina and helps to eliminate sexual performance issues. One of the most prominent side effects of these types of remedies is that they cause drowsiness and it is not advised to use with other sedative drugs.

5. Agnus-Castus or Chaste tree types of remedies have been quite effective in overcoming erectile dysfunction. This group of natural remedies works by normalizing the pituitary gland functions. The downside to taking these herbs is that it can take up to a year to begin working or seeing concrete results.

6. Saw Palmetto, another herb works by maintaining healthy hormonal balances.

7. Garlic hailed as the “wonder drug” works great for treating erectile dysfunction or ED. There is a compound in garlic called allicin that increases blood flow to the penis. Taking garlic on a daily basis for a period of 90 days is advisable to treat impotence.

All of these natural remedies are great for treating erectile dysfunction. And they all have an added benefit of improving your overall health. Turn your life around today. Start taking natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.



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