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Testosterone And ED – Erectile Dysfunction

Spencer Williams

If you had to do any research into erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms and treatments, you had to run into a ton of information related to low t treatment, testosterone supplements and the ongoing studies in trying to prove that there is a definitive link between low testosterone and ED.

These findings are becoming more visible because the medical community now has access to statistics that show that the low levels of testosterone quite often show up when other medical conditions are present as well.

Men diagnosed with high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, depression or erectile dysfunction are all, in some way or another, tend to show lower levels of testosterone than normal.

In his article about low testosterone and ED, Phil Jarvie describes this connection between low testosterone and ED very well:

ED (or erectile dysfunction to give it its full name) is another well documented problem suffered by men with generally low levels of testosterone. When digging deeper into the issues, often erection problems are found to be related to atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries which translates into difficulty supplying the penis with sufficient blood flows to maintain an erection. The main related diseases to atherosclerosis of metabolic syndrome (cholesterol problems), diabetes and insulin resistance and also obesity all have direct relationships to men with low testosterone.

And then there is the issue of men with high blood pressure. And this is a double-edged sword. One the one hand it has been demonstrated by research than men with low T levels are well over two times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure – the same can also be said for those men with much too high a level. That is, some men who are being ridiculous with their testosterone replacement therapy and are in effect overdosing on it have created high blood pressure problems.

So it is obvious that there is a link between low testosterone and ED, but I think that you still have to do your own research and digging just to make sure if testosterone supplements of pills will work in your particular situation. Needless to say – you have to check with your medical professional before taking any of these supplements!

Low Testosterone And ED Erectile Dysfunction

Low Testosterone And ED


Let’s find out a bit more about testosterone and ED, causes for testosterone deficiency and how can you actually apply it.

Testosterone has many uses. Its main responsibility is for the development of male characteristics like muscle bulk, bone growth, pubic hair, voice and sexual function.

Insufficient amounts of testosterone in the human system can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). This is however not common but are still prevalent in today society. In cases like these testosterone replacement therapy can sort out your ED.

The cause for testosterone deficiency are many. We will list a few.

  1. The first reasons would be age. The older you get the less the body produces testosterone in huge quantities.
  2. Infected or Injured testicles. The human machine produces its testosterone in the testicles. If the testicles are not working properly anymore for above reasons testosterone will decline instantly.
  3. Chemotherapy or radiation healing for illnesses like cancer diminish testosterone in the human system.
  4. Hereditary abnormalities like the Klinefelter’s Syndrome has a negative impact on the testosterone production.
  5. If your eat or produce to much iron your testosterone levels will go down.
  6. The brain has a gland called the pituitary gland. Its main function is to produce the signals to produce hormones like testosterone. If the pituitary gland does not produce any signals the production of testosterone will be halted.
  7. Certain medication for illnesses like treating prostate cancer and drugs like corticosteroid drugs negatively influence the production of testosterone.

The main symptoms of testosterone deficiency are considered to be ED (erectile dysfunction). Not only do your experience impotence but you lose your sex drive and just a general sense of not feeling well.

Your body also changes. A decrease of muscle mass and a increase in body fat, a change in cholesterol levels(for the bad), mild anemia, osteoporosis and hair loss.

How would you diagnose yourself? The doctor or you for that matter can do a blood test. This will determine your testosterone levels in your blood and thus your body. The measurement would need to be taken through out the day as levels of testosterone fluctuate.

There are many different ways of treating testosterone deficiency.Low Testosterone And ED - Super Male Vitality Support Androtrex

  • Injection intravenously every 2/3 weeks.
  • Testosterone patch on the body or on testicle sack
  • Testosterone Gel
  • Adhesive applied to the teeth 2 times a day.

Its important to remember that not everybody should try test replacement therapy. Before taking testosterone they should check their vitals and if they have or could have prostate cancer. These also include men that are prone to breast cancer.

General hormone replacement therapy is relatively safe for most men. There are a few side-effects like oily skin, fluid retention, Breast enlargement, decreased in testicular size.

Breast enlargement is usually caused by sudden halt of using testosterone therapy. The body then needs to restart its own production which takes time and thus only estrogen in the blood stream which causes breast enlargement. While testicular decrease are cause by your body shutting down it own production of testosterone.

Testosterone replacement and low t treatment benefits outweigh the side affects. Its been used for many years as an ED solution. Not only increasing sexual function but also a general sense of well-being.


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