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Low Testosterone and ED Erectile Dysfunction

Spencer Williams

For men that are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms it is crucial to explore all available options before starting to try any of the treatments that are offered in today’s market. There are so many alternatives including prescription medications, alternative therapies, herbal supplements and many others including the screening for low testosterone levels.

As with anything these days, you have to be careful and do your due diligence before jumping in with your both feet! During the last few years there is a lot of talk about low testosterone and ED and the scientific community has more or less agreed that there are definite links that should be explored.

Testosterone deficiency, or low T levels have been discovered not only as part of erectile dysfunction symptoms but in many other situations involving more serious and life threatening conditions.

Most men don’t understand how testosterone works even though it’s what makes them men. For men to function and be who they are, they need testosterone. Every part of their development is related to their levels of T hormone and they will feel the difference when the level is low.

Studies have shown that the male hormone goes beyond just the normal health benefits like sex and libido.

Medical professionals refer to these chemicals as the most important male hormones in the body. These chemicals are none as androgens and are made in the man’s gonads (testicles)

Testosterone and androgens are built by compounds called steroids. There is a age related decrease in androgen in men when they start to get older. This differs from man to man but the general idea is that when men reach 21 years of age their T levels start to drop.

These changes are very slow and can take up to 50 years for this to happen and ED symptoms appear. This is off course no comfort for most men. These changes can cause great discomfort not only sexually (ED) but also in general well being and low self-esteem.

Studies have found that the relatively low percentage of men (9%) between age group of 50 to 59 years are suffering from ADAM (androgen decline in the aging male). This number goes up to 34% between the ages of 60 to 69 and even up to 68% for men between 70 to 79 years of age.

Low Testosterone And ED - Erectile Dysfunction Formula

Low Testosterone And ED


T-hormone production goes through levels during the day. It has been found that it is on a all time high in the early morning and on its lowest in the evening.

Loss of erection (low libido and ED erectile dysfunction) is sometimes related to low T levels. Erectile dysfunction ED is caused by various factors like blood flow, age, blood pressure diabetes, smoking and stress just to name a few, however low production of male hormone has a direct impact on sexual interest and performance levels in bed.

Chemicals drugs like Viagra and Levitra are sometimes prescribed for ED but they do not really help with low T treatment levels. It sometimes in important for men to use testosterone therapy in conjunction with ED drugs.

A male start producing test before they are even born and its on its highest when they reach their adolescence years (16 -22). This when the male boy start to see changes in his body, facial hair, pubic hair and seeing changes in his physic and of course starting to see women in a different light.

The process starts at the low and basic centers in the brain. The so-called hypothalamus creates a hormone called gonadotrpin hormone(also known as the sex hormone). When this hormone reaches the pituitary gland it release another hormone called the eternizing hormone. When it reaches a high enough level it stimulates the testicles to start producing testosterone.

Low Testosterone And ED - Super Male Vitality Support AndrotrexHigh levels of testosterone increase your libido and thus lessen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. As a young man in puberty you most probably never experienced any ED problems at all.

In fact you probably experience involuntary erection. This is most probably because of the high levels of male hormones in your blood.

As you get older, the males start to produce less testosterone and it’s said that it reach about 10% of what you use to produce when you reach the age of 80. It is also found that age is not the only factor when it comes to low testosterone and erectile dysfunction, but also people that have conditions like obesity or diabetes, which of course increase the risk of ED symptoms even more.


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